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Mini Insulated Alligator Clip


Mini Insulated Alligator ClipThe benefits of using Nico Clips:

  • They insulate because they are metal to plastic, not metal to metal
  • The clips are stainless steel, giving protection from erosion and rust!
  • The strength is in the jaw as opposed to the body, thus less likely to break
  • The spring is forward facing
  • Easy wire attachment allowing easy termination
  • Wires are secured on the clip

Possible applications and uses for Nico Clips are

  • Electric fence units
  • Solar chargers
  • Battery chargers
  • Test clips
  • Work lights



Specifications: Mini alligator clip
Plastic Body Rovel 700 AP
Jaws Stainless Steel T304 - BA
Spring Zinc Plated Rolled Steel Spring
Insulated Rubber Cover Silicone Rubber

Total overall length

Width when fully expanded 15mm
Length of jaw 20mm
Lucar terminal 4.8mm
Weight 7kg/1000
Part No Description
NLCM1 Nico Mini Red Clip
NLCM2 Nico Mini Black Clip
NLCM3 Nico Mini Green Clip
NLCM4 Nico Mini Yellow Clip
NLCM5 Nico Mini Orange Clip

Mini Insulated Rubber Cover

Mini Insulated Alligator Clip

Mini Insulated Alligator Clip

Mini Insulated Alligator Clip



International Patents

UK patent 2227615
Australia patent 617873
USA patent 4932905
NZ patent 226409


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