Nico International Ltd, Ashburton, New Zealand




Q: How can I obtain some sample product?

A: That's easy, just click here to order samples, fill out the form and submit.

Q: how long does it take for delivery of product?

A: Standard delivery is 3-4 weeks depending on quantity

Q: Where do Nico supply to?

A: World-wide

Q: Can you manufacture clips in other colours?

Yes-but the order must be of sufficient quantity

Q: What are the specifications

Weight Standard alligator clip 22kg/1000
Mini alligator clip 7kg/1000

Total overall length

Standard alligator clip 80mm
Mini alligator clip 70mm
Width when fully expanded Standard alligator clip 35mm
Mini alligator clip


Length of jaw Standard alligator clip 20mm
Mini alligator clip 15mm
Lucar terminal Standard alligator clip 6.4mm
Mini alligator clip 4.8mm