Nico International Ltd, Ashburton, New Zealand


Welcome to Nico International Ltd


Nico International is a manufacturer of electrical componentry, specialising in Alligator Clips.

Based in Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand, Nico International serves an expanding electronic market, including agricultural and automotive applications.


Nico Clips... great for

  • Electric fence units
  • Solar chargers
  • Battery chargers
  • Test clips
  • Work lights


The benefits of using Nico Clips

  • They insulate because they are metal to plastic, not metal to metal
  • The clips are stainless steel, giving protection from erosion and rust!
  • The strength is in the jaw as opposed to the body, thus less likely to break
  • The spring is forward facing
  • Easy wire attachment allowing easy termination
  • Wires are secured on the clip


Product Enquiry Form

Suppliers and prospective suppliers of Nico products can enquire about Nico via our Product Enquiry Form.

Standard Insulated Alligator Clip

Standard Insulated Alligator Clip
Multipurpose insulated Alligator Clips and accessories.

Probes and Accessories

Probes and Accessories
Electrical probes and clip accessories.

Mini Insulated Alligator Clip

Mini Insulated Alligator Clip
High quality multipurpose Mini Clips for a wide range of applications.